Join the 2024 Short Term Rental Virtual Summit For Women

Discover How Successful Hosts, Co-hosts, Investors & Property Managers Grow Their Short Term Rental Businesses, Increase Bookings, and Unlock Their Profits
January 23-25, 2024 | 9am - 6pm EST
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Here’s What’s Happening!

Three full days of LIVE presentations from more than 50 STR investors, managers, authors and service providers. No pitches. Live learning. With opportunities to ask questions
More than 50 sessions including keynotes, workshops, planning clinics, and Q&A breakouts
Nearly 5 hours of dedicated one-on-one, face-to-face networking - with a space to connect later. (This is one of the highlights from last year’s event.)
14 days to watch and rewatch every session, so you don’t have to miss a thing. All of this in a fun, virtual conference space, from the comfort of your home, on your sofa, in your pj’s - no airplanes, no TSA check, no hotels, no babysitters
More than $1500 worth of speaker bonuses you can take advantage of after the conference

Empower yourself with knowledge, tools, and invaluable connections and Create YOUR path to Short-term Rental success.

Get access to more than 50 actionable, inspiring and informative workshops, panels & keynotes


The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!

What people said About Last Year's Summit

Join the #1 Event for Women
I was skeptical to be quite Frank. Because it was virtual, I really didn’t know how much I would get out of it. I was wrong!
Rebecca Taylor
This summit was amazing! I gained so much knowledge and ideas from every session I attended. I am looking forward to going back to watch the ones I missed.
Jillian Heilman
Loved it all. I'm exhausted in a good way. Hurts so good sort of thing.
Jennifer Lyons
Tons of amazing speakers. And I love that it had a female focus to it.
Alicia Wright
It certainly was worth the ticket
Karey Hall
Wide variety of topics and practical advice, from bookkeeping to private loans, insurance, design, partnering, tech, revenue optimization, etc. I learned SO much!
Jennifer Moraski
Loved the concept and the speakers. So thankful and inspired by the successes and life stories from others to help us be and do better.
Andrea Collins

Summit Topics

Check it out:

Summit Kick-Off: Embracing the Journey of Growth and Innovation
Unlocking Airbnb: Q&A and Growth Hacks for Hosts
Love & Business: Insights from STR Power Couples
Finding Your Perfect Match: Choosing the Right Management Option for Your Short-Term Rental
Design Rx: Customized Feedback from an Interior Design Expert
From Banks to Hard Money: Navigating the World of Loans for Your Short-Term Rentals
Global Getaways: An Insider's Guide to Purchasing & Running STRs in Foreign Countries
Renting Rich: The Secrets of Apartment Rental Arbitrage
Profit or Pass: Mastering Short-Term Rental Deal Analysis
Transformative Tales: Celebrating Growth Stories of Real Women in the Short-Term Rental Industry
Direct Booking Domination: Unlocking the Secrets to Direct Bookings Through Effective Marketing
Checking In: Uncovering Strategies for Boutique Hotel Investing
Investing Outside the Box: Creative Real Estate Acquisition Strategies That Keep Your Cash in the Bank
Listing RX: Customized Feedback from an STR ExpertShort-Term Shop
Insta Hacks: Insider Secrets to Level Up Your Instagram Game
Profit Powerhouse: Unleashing Cash Flow & Tax Optimizations for High-Growth Businesses
Building A Dream Team: A Fireside Chat About Strategies for Hiring, Firing, & Empowering Success


From Good to Great: Elevating Hospitality Standards in the Short-Term Rental Industry
Unforgettable Spaces: Crafting Unique & Charming STRs that Guests Love
Business Credit Blueprint: How To Build Business Credit for Your Short-Term Rentals
From Dollars to Sense: Mastering Financial Planning & Equity Management for a Brighter Financial Future
Pawsitively Profitable: Mastering the Pet-Friendly STR Niche
Unlocking Comfort: Crafting Spectrum-Friendly Spaces for Families
Sustainable Stays: Harnessing Eco-Conscious Design to Attract Responsible Guests
Unlocking Your Financial Freedom: How to Determine How Many Homes You Really Need In Your Portfolio
Transformative Tales: Celebrating Growth Stories of Real Women in the Short-Term Rental Industry
Profit Powerhouse: Maximizing ROI Through Amenities + Strategic Revenue Management
Breaking Barriers: Integrating the Professional Vacation Rental & STR Worlds
Design Rx: Customized Feedback from an Interior Design Expert
Listing RX: Customized Feedback from an STR Expert
From 5-Star Hotels to 5-Star Rentals: Mastering Branding & Marketing Strategies from Luxury Hotel Brands
Investing with Partners: Unlocking the Secrets of Finding Great Partners & Avoiding the Horror Stories
Marketing Magic: Crafting A 90-Day Marketing Plan for Your STR
Remote Control: Mastering the Art of Managing Your STR from Anywhere
Occupancy SOS: Remedies for Identifying & Resolving Low Booking Issues
Raising the Bar: Mastering the Art of 5-Star Reviews and Delighted Guests


Exceptional Guest Communication Templates
Beyond the Weekend: Unleashing the Power of Mid-Term Rentals in the Sharing Economy
Insuring Your MTR Success: Unleashing the Power of A Mid-Term Rental Insurance Strategy
Virtually Empowered: Finding & Building Strong Relationships with Virtual Assistants
Knowing Your Numbers: Revenue is Vanity, Profit is Sanity, Cashflow is Reality
From Sheraton to Short-Term: A Hotel Veteran's Guide to Ensuring 5-Star Cleaning Reviews
Design Rx: Customized Feedback from an Interior Design Expert
The 15-Minute Social Media Superstar: How to Supercharge Your Social Media Influence With Minimal Time Investment
The Enneagram Edge: Harnessing Self-Awareness for Business Success
Transformative Tales: Celebrating Growth Stories of Real Women in the Short-Term Rental Industry
Building Your Dream Life: Harnessing Real Estate for Unlimited Potential
Hosting with Heart:
Giving Back Hosting to Others Through Your STR
From Doubt to Delight: Strategies to Gain Your Spouse's Support for Your STR Goals & Dreams
Busy Bee Blueprint: Mastering STR Management when You're Juggling a Hectic Schedule
Listing RX: Customized Feedback from an STR Expert
Power Surge: Crafting Your Action Plan To Make 2024 Your Best Year Yet
Memories & Milestones: Summit Wrap Party

Meet the Speakers

Julie George

Rachel Gainsbrugh

Natalie Palmer

Annette & Sarah

Stacey St. John

Avery Carl

Plus 60 more amazing speakers! Click HERE to see more.

The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!

Game-Changing Classes, Workshops, Panels & Keynotes


Every woman in the short-term rental industry has a unique journey with different obstacles to growth and struggles for success.  Whether you're just starting as an STR Rookie, are an STR Riser laser-focused on growth or have achieved STR Rockstar status and are ready to skyrocket your business, we have tailored experiences, key learnings and valuable insights just for you.

Which of these resonates with you the most? 


Stuck in “Analysis Paralysis”


Going bonkers with all the tech “solutions”


Second guessing yourself

Short Term Rental


Kickstart your journey and navigate the world of short-term rentals with confidence. Our inspiring sessions will provide actionable strategies, insider tips, and a network of supportive women who've been where you are.


Short Term Rental


Take your short-term rental portfolio to the next level with proven tactics and strategies while discovering new avenues for growth. Our Interactive workshops will help you make important key decisions in real-time.


You’re curious about new investing opportunities


You need systems and structure to help you hire the right people


You want to learn to use the data to grow your biz


Want to start operating like a kick-ass CEO


Ready to accelerate your wealth & finally enjoy passive income.


Need help bringing in more of your dream clients

Short Term Rental


It's all about scaling and expanding while getting your time back! Learn how to take your thriving business and make it even more successful. Hone your leadership and business skills so you can propel to CEO status.

The Excitement is Real! 

The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!

No matter where you are now or where you want to be, you’ll walk away from this 3-day event with:

> Renewed vision for your financial freedom

> Renewed optimism for your biz future

> Renewed confidence to deal with the unique struggles you face every single day.
AND, A real plan to make more money and get your time back, so 2024 is your best year yet!

The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!

Let’s face it, there are a ton of great in-person events, but…

With the price of event tickets, flights, and hotels - it gets really expensive, really fast! 

You’re trying to take off work, get the kids taken care of, and find a dog sitter -  ‘aint nobody got time for that.” 

You loved the parties and networking, but hangovers hurt more than they used to - am I right?

You return home exhausted with a wallet full of business cards and a notebook full of scribbled “action items”  (oh crap, what was it she said to do?)
“Typical” Virtual Events
"Typical" virtual events leave a lot to be desired…
You're learning in a vacuum with speakers focused on touting themselves instead of helping you.  
You’re watching pre-recorded workshops that leave no room for questions.
You’re networking in a Zoom room with 27 other blank faces and you can’t get a word in edgewise.
That’s why I created this Summit For Women!
Inspirational keynotes from industry leaders sharing their intimate stories and inspirational journeys
Interactive workshops with hands-on-learning so you can work as experts explain and guide.
A fun, interactive virtual “venue” with tons of one-one and group networking opportunities where you can meet and get to know other ladies with diverse perspectives and experiences.

The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!

Who am I …

Hey there I’m Stacey St. John!

I have been where you are. Paralyzed with indecision. Asking all the questions. Struggling to figure things out. And dealing with the good, the bad and the oh-so-ugly. 

I turned a $50K investment of my own money into a 7 figure business, achieved financial freedom through short-term rentals, and retired myself from my corporate W-2 in less than two years. Now I successfully manage dozens of properties in my portfolio and personally work about 10 hours a week!

And I have a passion for helping ladies like you who are dreamin’ the same dreams as I do through my 45,000 member Facebook group, my successful STR Sisterhood Podcast and with other learning opportunities like the Short Term Rental Virtual Summit For Women! 

I’m so excited for you to join me and make 2024 your best year yet! I’ll see you there!

The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!

Frequently asked questions

Have a different question?
Contact Us!
I attended last year, has anything changed?

Girl, everything has changed!   You’ve gotta keep up with industry changes, challenges, technologies and best practices.  Not staying at the forefront of changes is a huge mistake that entrepreneurs in all industries make. But, in the STR world, evolution can happen faster because there are so many drivers of change - the OTA’s like Airbnb, the real estate market, the way people travel, emerging technologies (like AI), new software… and the list goes on.

There are so many other events out there, how is this different?

Attending the Short-Term Rental Virtual Summit for Women sets you on a unique and empowering journey that distinguishes it from other events, whether in person or online. Here's why you should choose the STR Virtual Summit For Women:

Tailored to Women in the Industry with unique challenges and struggles no matter where you are in your journey,  creating a supportive and empowering environment.
Interactive and Engaging: You'll participate in hands-on workshops, discussions, and activities that make learning enjoyable and memorable. Real-world examples and case studies bring concepts to life.

Tailored Learning: We offer a wide range of workshops and sessions that cater to every phase of your short-term rental journey – whether you’re just starting out, are growing your STR portfolio, or have already scaled your “Airbnb biz.”

Expert Speakers: Our event features industry experts, successful hosts, and seasoned professionals eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and secrets to success.

Practical Takeaways: Walk away with actionable plans, strategies, and tools to implement immediately in your short-term rental business. Our focus is on delivering real results.

Empowerment and Inspiration: Beyond knowledge, our event is about empowerment. You'll leave with renewed confidence, a fresh perspective, and the inspiration to take your short-term rental business to new heights.

Flexible format: Because the event is virtual, you can expand your knowledge and your network from the comfort of your own home. You’ll be able to engage, take notes while building relationships  with like-minded women from around the world…heck, you can even do all this with your PJs on if you want! Plus, you can purchase the videos for future watching and rewatching of sessions you missed or need to dig in deeper.

I can't attend all the sessions. Can I watch the 'replays' or get the recordings?

Yes!  There are many sessions, and it is impossible to attend them all live!  The summit will remain accessible for an additional two weeks following the conclusion of the "live" sessions, providing you with the opportunity to view all the replays at your convenience. If you'd like to own these invaluable recordings for repeated viewing, you can take advantage of a special pre-purchase offer when buying your ticket. Additionally, there will be an exclusive opportunity to acquire the recordings during the event itself. Don't miss out on securing this valuable resource for future reference and exploration.

Who are the speakers? When will they be announced?

Most speakers will be added to this page as we finalize the details; we have multiple sessions lined up from some of the most successful investors, hosts, property managers and co-hosts, plus experts in marketing, design, technology, and SOOOO much more. You can stay tuned here or follow us on social media for details as we release them. However, early bird pricing ends November 30th.

Learn, grow and network LIVE
with women focused on the same dreams as you.

Join Me and Other Industry-Leading Experts for the 2024 Short-Term Rental Virtual Summit for Women!

WOMEN 2024

January 23-25, 2024

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Meet The Speakers

The value of the collective knowledge and time is more than $15,000


Plus Get 2-Week Access to Summit Session Replays Free!